The best thing about our business model is that it can never be outsourced or globalized. Why? Because face-to-face marketing & sales can’t be done from overseas. Real time customer interaction, coupled with a handshake and a smile will always be an advantage to  speaking with someone hundreds of thousands of miles away. Another brilliant aspect of our business model is that our clients are always looking for more – more new customers, more representation in Chicago, more offices outside of Illinois – even international growth! This continuous demand for our unique set of services keeps us on our toes and fuels our culture of excellence. As much as we love Chi-town, we know there’s a whole big world out there waiting for us and growth only comes when one has stepped outside of their comfort zone.

We Will:

  1. Establish ourselves as a premier marketing & sales consulting firm in Chicago
  2. Grow our business into one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces
  3. Feed over 100 kids every year through the Feed My Starving Children foundation
  4. Provide life changing opportunities for our team members
  5. Start our international expansion by 2020

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